Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mediafire One Piece Episode 41 Download 50mb: Luffy at Full Power! Nami's Courage and the Straw Hat!

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Arlong's officers have been defeated, but Sanji and Zoro prove to be no match for Arlong in their current state. However, with Luffy finally free, he just may be able to defeat the "most wicked man in the East Blue". Meanwhile, Nami finally gathers the courage to face Arlong.

Mediafire One Piece Episode 41 Download

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mediafire One Piece Episode 25 Download 50mb: The Emerge of the Superb Kicking Skill: Sanji VS the Iron Wall Pearl

Cool episode screenshot between sanji and his foe

Mihawk leaves after defeating Zoro, so Don Krieg continues his invasion on the Baratie and has Pearl, one of his stronger crewmates, attack, and Sanji reveals his fighting skills. Meanwhile Johnny and Yosaku leave with Usopp and the wounded Zoro to go after Nami.

Mediafire Download One Piece Episode 25

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mediafire One Piece Episode 15 Download 50mb: Defeat Kuro! Usopp's Tear-filled Determination!

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Zoro and Buchi (of the Nyaban Brothers) face off once again as Luffy and Kuro begin their fight. Usopp orders the Usopp Pirates to run away with Kaya, but Jango goes after them. A flashback reveals how Captain Kuro faked his death with Captain Morgan by using Nugire Yainu as a doppelganger and how he became Kaya's butler.

Mediafire One Piece Episode 15 Download

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Mediafire One Piece Episode 11 Download 50mb: Revealing the Conspiracy! The Pirate Caretaker, Captain Kuro!

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Zoro and Nami arrive at the coast to find that Luffy is lying on the ground, seemingly dead. Usopp, in the meantime, runs to Kaya's mansion about Kurahadol and Jango's plan to assassinate her, but she does not believe him. Luffy, Zoro, and Nami then declare to Usopp that they will help him fend off the pirates that are coming to attack the village.

Mediafire One Piece Episode 11 Download

Mediafire One Piece Episode 10: The World's Strongest Weirdo! Jango the Hypnotist!

Usopp becomes furious with Kurahadol after being called a filthy pirate by him, and leaves his friend Kaya's mansion. A shady character named Jango arrives in the village, and Luffy with Usopp overhear him talking with Kurahadol by the coast about an assassination plan against Kaya.

Mediafire One Piece Episode 10 Download